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Orient Digital Technologies Inc. (ODTI) is a Philippine-based digitalization service provider. Our team is dedicated to help support local clients in their digital transformation journey to achieve business success.

We have developed strategic tie-ups with the world’s leading companies to provide the digital solutions in different industries such as warehouse, logistics, retail, supermarket, bank, fintech and data center setup. We integrate different successful solutions in the industry to meet customers' full-scenario digital needs.

Based on our comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the local market, as well as the understanding and support advantages in the local legal, political and business environment, ODTI serves as a catalyst that can help our customers gain an edge in the digital world today.

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With so many options in todays’ digital deluge—its not easy finding the right solution that fits your business.​

We can help provide the clarity you need by:

  • Discovering potential markets to tap

  • Proposing solutions with a projected ROI

  • Provide tax compliance guidelines

  • Determine legal and policy risks to support our customers' digital transformation journey.


Connecting with the right client isn’t always as straightforward as it seems.

Our intimate knowledge of the local market landscape enables us to rapidly identify, target and connect our partners to potential clients--enabling them to potentially grow their market share in-country.


After selecting a world-leading digital solution that makes business sense—now what?

We work with both our customers and partners, ensuring that every project is delivered on-time and in-full every step of the way—from project kickoff to post go-live support.


We’re very happy to hear from you. 
Kindly leave your contact details and we'll be sure to connect with you shortly...or if it just can't wait--feel free to give us a call!

Level 10-1 One Global Place
5th Avenue Corner 25th Street
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

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